1. Rich People

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Rich People

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Produced by Heavy Bell
Engineered and mixed by Matt Peters
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova
Recorded with the help of Manitoba Film and Music
TDK - vocals, guitars, harmonica
Matt Peters - piano, bass
Derek Allard - drums
Natalie Bohrn - vocals,


Rich people know how to party
I've never seen such class in my life
They mistake me for a rich man
They mistake you for my wife
We share knowing looks with the servants
As they offer us more champagne
Our smiles turn into giggles
As the bubbles enter our veins

We were first to arrive
We'll be last to depart
And these gracious folks, they laugh at our jokes
While we're having our way with the bar

So many rooms in this house
I want to take you in every one
But you must remind me that you're not mine
By flirting with rich men's sons
We play them some songs on the piano
They're delighted that it's getting used
We harmonize and bring tears to their eyes
With a dignified form of the blues

They mistake you for my wife
And I feel like a lucky man
Their old-money charm and you on my arm
Make me think that maybe I can
Live in this fantasy life
And somehow convince you to stay
And until I sleep I'm able to keep
This bliss that you've brought me today