1. Moving On

From the recording Moving On

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Moving On

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Produced by Heavy Bell
Engineered and mixed by Matt Peters
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova
Vocals, guitars, banjo: TDK
Bass and guest vocals: Natalie Bohrn
Percussion: Matt Peters


I’m moving on
I’ve lost my sweetest friend
And I’ll be gone
By this month’s end
I have tried to worm my way back in
To cry like a dog shaved down to his skin

I’m determined to keep this humility
But there is no way to test it
When my only friend is me
And I’ll be gone, as I’ve said
Alone for a while
Keep moving on from bed to bed
Kilometre to mile

I brought this on myself
I thought it would feel right
But now I don’t know how to go through day into night
And night is long
If I dream or if I wake
She’s in my mind
And it is more than I can take

I’ve mowed my lawn
For the very last time
I’m moving on
Spending every last dime
I’m moving on
I’ve lost my sweetest friend
She was a song that I never thought would end